PDM Industries - the plastic coating and molding specialists.

Our team is available to assist at every step with creative system solutions including the development of processes, tooling and parts to meet the needs of today's demanding customers.

PDM offers the same personalized service to customers needing one part as to those needing thousands. Our batch systems provide an efficient, cost-effective environment for developing prototypes and producing short run parts. Our high-production, conveyorized systems, coupled with SPC capabilities and our commitment to improvement ensure consistent quality parts delivered according to JIT requirements.

PDM works with companies requiring high tech coatings and tight tolerances. PDM applies plastisol coatings (plastic coatings) to battery boxes for marine and military applications. Industries often require coatings applied to a specific bracket, hood latch, or handle. PDM provides plastisol and polyethylene coatings automotive industry covering brackets, hood latches, handles and battery boxes.

Plastic Coating and Plastic Molding offers solutions to many common issues associated with metal stampings. Plastisol Coating eliminates Noise and Vibration Issues. The Plastic Plastisol Coating covers sharp edges and the Plastic Coatings also insulate clips, clamps and wire harnesses to prevent possible electrical issues.

We offer very small lead times to meet all of your Plastic Plastisol Coating and Plastic Plastisol Molding needs in a “ Just In Time “ environment.

What type of coating processes does PDM Industries offer?

plastisol dip coating

plastisol dip molding

fluidized bed powder coating

PDM Industries Plastisol Coating processes and applications include vinyl plastisols, polyethylene coating, color matching capabilities, and light assembly and packaging.

For more than 40 years, PDM has supplied high quality, custom plastic coatings and moldings to customers. Among the industries and customers we have provided Custom Plastisol Coating and Plastisol Dip Molding services to:

Military Automotive Industries

Mil P-20689

Mil A-A-59464

Ford: ESB-M4D148-A

GM: GM7001M and GM225M

Chrysler: MS-DC513

Sporting Goods





Contact PDM Industries at 231-943-9601 or pdmind@hotmail.com

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